Additional Publications & Guides Written by PAF Case Managers


Co-Pay Relief Program Brochure

Greater Understanding: Financial Assistance & Debt Crisis

Greater Understanding: SSDI vs. SSI & Subsequent Entitlements

Guide to Health Savings Account

Greater Understanding: ERISA - What is it & How does it effect you

Your Guide to the Disability Process

First My Illness: Now Job Discrimination

A Clear View to Medicare - Making the Most of Your Benefits

Greater Understanding: Help! I'm Uninsured

Greater Understanding: Help! I'm Underinsured

Greater Understanding: Back to Basics: How to Discuss the Cost of Health Care Treatments With Your Provider

Greater Understanding: Back to Basics: A Primer of Questions for Providers to Ask When Discussing Health Care Treatment Costs With Patients

Greater Understanding: Clinical Trials

Greater Understanding: Health Insurance for Young Adults: Why you need it and how to keep it.

A New Approach: Simple Dialogue Between Patient and Provider

Lighting the Way... A Practical Guide to Clinical Trials

Too Young To Be Ill... A Practical Survival Guide for Caregivers of Children and Young Adults

Greater Understanding: Second Opinions: Know Your Rights and Options

Managed Care Answer Guide

Greater Understanding: Usual, Customary & Reasonable Changes

How to be an Advocate

Greater Understanding: Discovering Your Role as a Volunteer

A Health Guide for the Hispanic/Latin Community

Promoting a Healthier African American Community

American Indian Alaska Native Outreach Program

Colorectal CareLine Brochure

Annual Patient Data Analysis Report

PAF Annual Report